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Automated trading signals
Automated trading signals help to Forex traders buy and sell by changes and trends that are occurring in the market throughout the day. When there is a change in which he described the trader is notified . This post is part of a series intended to inform the trader signals a need to buy or sell by the strategy set by him.
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The Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega who delighted headline writers around the world by warning that quantitative easing and other stimulative monetary policy measures risked unleashing “currency wars” upon the world Such a warning has now become almost boring, especially following Shinzo Abe’s election in Japan.

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identifying an edge

The net result is incredibly profitable. we then discussed the need to have good, clean historic data, with which to test ideas, as inaccurate data with gaps or spikes, could easily lead to misleading or wrong results.
in this article we build on those foundations and explore the development of some ideas, from conception, through to creating trading rules, testing them and determining whether they give us a robust edge.


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