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How can I receive a 10 days free trial?
Open an account with our broker (The list of the brokers is on the right side). You must use our link when you open the new account. In that way your account will be under our tag and you will receive the 10 days free trial.

How does the signals system works? 
Our system monitors the market with 12 parameters and sends you signals in real time to your email (Or to your mobile phone for paying customers) with the relevant currency / rate / stop loss / take profit.

What happens after the free trial? 
After the free trial you will receive the same signals. On top of that you can also receive the signals to your mobile phone or to your MT4 and we can work with your broker.

How can I protect my account
In the free trial we start on low volume trades of  0.01 lot only. After the free trial you can determine the lot size and the maximum lost on your account

What is the fee for your service?
Use our brokers for free for 14 days. After the trial period the monthly fee is € 99.

Can I close trades which were automatically opened by SignalsTradnig systems?

Can I still trade with my account if my account is connected  to your system?
Yes. You can trade with your account as you would normally.

Do I need VPS? 
No. If you will need one, we will provide it to you as a part of our service to our customers.

Does my computer need to be open all the time to receive the signals? 
No. You can use our server.

Can I use copier/EA to receive your signals to my MT4? 
Yes. You can and you can set the Max lot size and Max risk to your account.

When do you send the signals? 
When the signal is ready in our system. Time : GMT 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Does the free trial include the email service? 
Yes. The free trial is only for email service.

I'm from the USA. Can I use your signals? 
Yes. Our service is US Trader Compliant.

Do you use a stop loss? 
Yes. Our system will send the stop loss in our signals by email.

Which pairs do you trade with? 
All pairs.

How many trades open at the same time in the account? 
Up to 6 trades.

Can I connect to your signals service with my broker? 

Do you have any special offer for today?
Yes. 3 months for € 240 (€ 57 discount)


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