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Are you an experienced trader with a proven track record?

Our system allows Signal Provider to share their knowledge and expertise with clients of major brokers around the world. The strategy developer is compensated for every signal that was in our system.

The concept
Our platform enables traders to use the knowledge of strategy developers. Traders using our system can either select strategies for automatic system, based on detailed summary of the strategy’s performance, or actively select to mirror specific signals of the strategies.

How does it work?
Tradency servers keep track of all the strategy developers’ buy and sell signals, whether it is generated by EA, TradeStation or API. There is no limit to the number of strategies the platform can support. The strategies are running on the strategy provider’s side and therefore remain confidential.

•MT4 live trading account with a minimum balance of USD5,000
•At least three months of trading history on the account
•Draw down percentage of no more than 15% over the lifetime of the account
•Net profit of at least 5% over the lifetime of the account



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